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  • Scratch-resistant and durable
  • Strong adhesion to most surfaces
  • Bright color, good quality of finished products, beyond your imagination
  • Waterproof, lightfast and dirt-free
  • Applicable to hard, flat or curved surfaces
  • Metallic effect with golden or silver colors, a difference that makes difference
Model UR-0603
Print head/quantity EPSON i1600-U1  3 heads
Ink type/colors/ droplet UV LED curable ink / 6
print width 600mm
Print mode CMYK + W + Varnish
Nozzle speed 7sqm/s
Drying system UV LED light water based cooling
Feeding & take-up System Film type transporation rolls
Materials Transfer transparent Film
Photo file format PSD/ DWG/ HPG/ HGL/ PLT/ PS/ EPS/ 2GP
Printing process RIP software direct output
Cleaning System Automatic system (Protecting print heads during the night) 
Print interface LAN
Software Sai Flexi
Packing size 2110mm*1000m*1600mm


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