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  • In contrast with the existing 3-cycle system drive, an independent drive system that enables simultaneous emission from all 1024 nozzles has been adopted. The high-density structure featuring 4 lines of 256 nozzles aligned with high precision enhances positioning accuracy to realize high-definition print quality.
  • Adoption of an independent drive system has made it possible to realize a drive frequency (45kHz) approximately 3 times greater than that of the KM1024 Series. This is the ideal inkjet printhead for development of single-pass system inkjet printers capable of high-speed printing.
  • KM1024i incorporates only approximately one-third(*2) of the petroleum-derived materials and toxic chemicals used in the current KM1024 Series. In addition, the nozzle unit surface area is the same as that of the KM1024 Series.
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