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  • Professional machine body 
  • Combination of 4  color ink able to set up 
    color according to painted pattern. 
  • Constant temperature heating color 
    development box:  temperature rising quickly, 
    good sealing ensure constant temperature.
  • LED lights at cleaning position and printing bed.
  • 4 in 1 heating control system.
  • Professional cloth feeding and take up system.
  • Environmental smoke filtration system: it can
    filter sublimation smoke efficiently.
  • 2 levels ink tank, high speed printing more stable.
  • Lift type carriage.
  • Unique printhead protecction stack.
Model FL-1804
Print head/quantity EPSON i3200-A1 / 4
Ink type/colors Sublimation and waterbase ink / 4 colors
Max material/print width 1.8 /1.8 m
Print mode 2/4/6/8  pass
Nozzle speed 42sqm/h to 168sqm/s 
Drying system Smart industrial drying system at bottom
Feeding & take-up System Auto take-up / intelligent cutting system & media feeding 
Media/Thikness/Max weight Woven fabrics, satin cloth, chiffon cloth, exhibition use cloth, oxford cloth, cloth, light box cloth, curtain cloth, coloredcloth, silver cloth, black cloth, screen gauze, etc / 1.5 - 8 mm / 75Kg
Photo file format PSD/ DWG/ HPG/ HGL/ PLT/ PS/ EPS/ 2GP
Printing process Print from control software after RIP
Cleaning System Automatic system (Protecting print heads during the night) 
Print interface LAN 
Software SaiFlexi 
Packing size/weight

Printer:W 3.40m x L 0.97m x H 1.54m/800kg

Package:W 3.50m x L 1.20m x H 1.65m/900kg


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