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  • SIGNSTAR at Shanghai APPPEXPO 2021
    Hosted from July 21th to 24th of 2021 at the NECC, The Shanghai APPPEXPO is one of the biggest exhibitions for the advertising signage industry, open up the whole industry chain and explore the future development of the industry. We attended to the exhibition and presented our latest launchings for the sublimation textile apparel and ecosolvent & UV advertizing fileds. SIGNSTAR BOOTH WITH COSTUMERS PRESENTED MACHINES
  • Introducing our new machine outlook designs
    As our slogan says "Life in thinking and action”, we are constantly developing and innovating better ways to fulfill the requests of our costumers but the innovation needn't be just in the inside also on the outside. Early 2018 our product design team create two new stunning body designs one for our industrial speed 3.2m solvent printer and the other for one of our 1.9m best sellers printers. The F8 model arrives with a heavy duty body construction but at the same time with elegant and fine lines from the top body designs in the industry, the perfect combination between efficiency, resistance and elegance makes the F8 gets all the attention and desires. The X2 body design is simply perfect, a beautiful color combination, prissily lines and a good looking from ever you see it, our old SJ-1900E model receive a full update from the core to the outlook, releasing a compact but powerful machine with A grade pieces and a high level building process capable to work with all our EPSON series heads and more. No matter where is it he X2 is the machine you that you always want to show.
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